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Living in a Private Student Halls of Residence

Posted on May 1, 2017 by kristine in Private Halls

Going to university is an exciting, nerve-wracking and life changing experience but your new life will be full of possibility and opportunity for fun – especially if you choose to live in private student halls of residence.

This gives young people a cosy, comfortable and friendly home to relax in. However, the focus of most students when they first arrive at university is to embrace the culture of going out and enjoying a night in town with new friends.

Drinking cocktails in a nightclub aren’t completely new to many 18 and 19-year-olds but those times will have been in their home town amongst familiar places and people. Drinking and dancing in a new city with people you don’t know very well is a totally different experience.

We’ve put together some tips to staying safe and arriving happily back at your private halls during the craziness of fresher’s week and beyond.

Stick together

Go out with friends and stay together. It’s so important to look out for each other on a night out. Don’t leave anyone alone and prevent your friends from doing so, even if it cuts a night out short. Keep checking in with each other throughout the evening.

Make a plan

Agree what to do should you get separated. Under the influence of alcohol and in busy bars it’s easy to get lost or distracted. Agree on a place to meet and keep checking your phone. Before you go out charge your phones so if someone gets lost there’s a better chance of finding each other.

Be vigilant with your drinks

Drinking alcohol can be fun and there’s no shame in that. Getting yourself to the point where you are out of control and vulnerable is a terrible idea. Know your limits and do not allow yourself to be influenced by others to drink more.

Watch your drink and keep it with you or with a trusted friend. Don’t accept already poured drinks from strangers. Ideally only drink from bottles. These steps will protect you from having your drink spiked.

Trust your instincts

If someone or somewhere feels wrong then listen to that feeling. Just because someone bought you a drink they don’t have the right to your time or attention, especially if they make you uncomfortable. Remove yourself politely from the situation and find your friends, bar staff or the door guards.

Licensed taxis

Make sure the taxi or Uber taking you home to your private halls of residence is registered and licensed and ideally share the car with your friend. If you are on a night out with a friend from your private halls you will have the reassurance of a shared ride home and secure entry into your home.

Be prepared

Keep a separate amount of taxi money in a safe part of your bag, house keys to hand and a discreet personal alarm in your bag. Know a well-lit and busy taxi rank or office to get your lift home from, don’t wander the streets looking lost.

These tips should help everyone interested in living in private halls of residence, or indeed all rented student accommodation, enjoy their time at University.


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