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Private Halls of Residence Solve Student ‘Dilemma’

Posted on March 12, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls

With tens of thousands of young people across the UK set to leave home and head to universities this September, they will all face a dilemma of choosing between halls, home or renting a place to live.

In an article in the Independent, the newspaper highlights that this daunting decision is also one of the most exciting that the student will make during their university life.

Nearly all students will experience each of these living options with many opting for student halls, including private residential halls of residence, expensive rental homes and staying at home.

The article highlights the positives, as well as the negatives, of each of these choices and says that living in student halls means there’s ‘hardly a dull day’.

Private student halls of residence – not dull!

Most halls of residence will either provide entertainment or help point students in the right direction to other organised events.

The article also points to the issue of renting a private property that does not include all of the bills since this will help a student to budget more effectively.

While many students will be able to afford £50 a month for their bills, they should be aware of any additional charges that may be incurred when their tenancy agreement comes to an end.

Living at home is also an option for students though this could be a difficult move if they have spent their first university year in student halls.

Student halls of residence offer choice and value

The Independent’s article concludes that for interaction and opportunities to meet people and enjoy new endeavours means that staying in student halls or halls of residence will be the most effective choice available for students today.

However, to overcome the issue of budgeting, many private student halls of residence will have ‘all-in’ rental charges so there will be no unexpected bills or costs when the tenancy comes to an end.

With growing numbers of students attending university, especially now that the cap on recruitment numbers has been lifted, there will be a greater demand on student accommodation. While universities can provide some student halls for first-year students, many will not have the capability to cater for all of their student population.

Purpose-built student accommodation blocks

This means that private student halls of residence, generally purpose-built accommodation blocks, are growing in popularity and offer a cost effective and enjoyable way to take part in student life.

These private student halls are also popular because they are trendy, comfortable and nice places to live – security is also a highly prized issue and many have a shop, café and car parking for their residents.

While a private student hall of residence will not meet most peoples’ expectations of what student digs are, they are an effective and pleasant way to spend time in university in comfortable and safe surroundings.


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