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For university students who are moving into accommodation then they traditionally would have opted for landlord provided homes but private residential halls for students are quickly growing in popularity. There are a number of reasons for this and we will explain what you should consider when moving. Firstly, private student residential halls have an all-inclusive […]

Listed 4 years ago

While there are many newspaper and online articles about the quality of private residential halls for students in the UK, relatively few of them focus on how to create your own space while at the university. Indeed, there are simple ways for a student to create a room that they will want to spend time […]

Listed 5 years ago

With growing numbers of students moving to University, a warning has been issued that they should be wary of fraudsters who are looking to take advantage of high demand for student accommodation. Action Fraud says its issuing the warning before the new University term begins as students are targeted with adverts for fake lettings. There’s […]

Listed 6 years ago

There’s no doubt that private residential halls for students continue to be popular but they are also growing as sound investments for property developers too. Here at we are always pleased to see news reports of the facilities and quality of private halls for students that are available and we are also impressed when […]

Listed 6 years ago

A recent article aimed at Italian property investors caught our eye here at because it highlighted why private residential halls for students in the UK continue to draw investors from around the world. The writer makes clear that the quality offering in these residential halls does not come cheap because they offer a lot […]

Listed 6 years ago
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