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The UK’s most expensive residential halls for students

Posted on September 27, 2016 by kristine in Accommodation for Students, Private Halls, Student Halls

Among the newspaper stories we enjoy reading about when it comes to residential halls for students is about their provisions for those living there but one new student flat has hit the headlines for being the UK’s most expensive.

While most private halls for students are dearer than private student accommodation it’s because they offer more facilities as well as security and mod cons.

However, the new flat in London’s Park Lane could be setting a student back £4,000 a week for a huge three-bedroom property. That equates to £16,000 per month which most students, obviously, will not be able to pay though the house is worth more than £12 million.

The property has a luxury fitted kitchen

Despite the rent, the letting agents say they’ve had lots of enquiries about the property which has a luxury fitted kitchen, roof terrace, glass floors and 24-hour concierge.

Along with plush carpets, expensive furniture and chandeliers, there’s also a dramatic 60ft atrium which features a cantilevered glass staircase.

There is no doubt that the student flat is an impressive offering but even in central London students can still access top quality residential halls with modern design, furniture and space. There is also an opportunity to socialise and enjoy what should be an exciting phase in their lives when at university.

Private halls for students in London

Indeed, private halls for students in London have improved in recent years and while they are popular with international students they are also growing in popularity with students from the UK with many opting to live there for the duration of their studies rather than living in University-provided halls or in private student accommodation.

This means they get to put down roots and enjoy a small flat with a double bed, flatscreen TV, ensuite facilities and a kitchenette; the flat itself will be in a modern development or a very well refurbished property where they will get to meet other students and enjoy a social life.

There’s also better security on site as well as a manned reception desk to ensure that any problems or issues are dealt with promptly. There’s a lot to recommend them.

Private residential halls for students are growing in popularity

However, the real reason that private residential halls for students are growing in popularity is because they have things like cinema and games rooms, reading areas complete with library, cafes, free breakfast and one even has a 10 pin bowling alley.

So while the hugely expensive student flat in London gets the headlines it also underlines a growing offering from developers to meet a demand from students wanting better quality accommodation and for many private residential halls for students are the best way of accessing that at a reasonable rent.


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