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Why Private Student Halls are Better than Student Houses

Posted on June 19, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice

We regularly write about the advantages of a student living in private halls and we were taken with a recent blog from a student who has enjoyed their first year in such accommodation.

In their article, the student explains why private student halls are much better than living in student houses.

We particularly enjoyed some of the advantages that were listed – mainly because they don’t usually get mentioned.

To begin with, the student highlights that even the best university halls have problems and there’s always something to complain about.

However, when a student moves out of university accommodation and into private rental property then the gap between the two types really does become acute.

Problems with living in a student house

For many, living in a student house can mean living in what people traditionally take as being grotty accommodation, with poor heating and expensive bills.

This means that the student experience in the second and third years of studying is tarnished by the lack of quality student accommodation.

Among the reasons given for why students should move into private halls is that someone else will clean up the corridors and shared areas.

Having cleaners is a huge boon and means that there are no arguments about who is leaving bikes and rubbish in communal areas.

The student writer also highlights the fact that when something goes wrong, the landlord in these halls has a handyman ready to carry out repairs or quickly employs an expert to do so.

Private student halls – repairs are done quickly

For those living in student houses, getting a property repair, no matter how small or trivial, can be an exhausting process the tenants and landlord or their agent.

Carrying on from this, private halls also don’t have issues with damp or vermin or insect infestation and the standard of cleanliness is much higher than would be enjoyed in a student house.

The arguments in student houses also extend to how high the temperature thermostat should be set with those wanting a warm home but not prepared to pay the resulting bill.

The alternative is to live in a cold home and wear more clothes but in private halls the heating can be set at the tenant’s own comfort level and is part of the bill.

Indeed, it’s the lack of unexpected bills that also makes for another positive aspect of moving into private student halls.

Private students halls have modern facilities

The writer also highlights issues with having to share kitchens and problems with eating properly – most private halls built today have either shops combined or are located close to very good convenience stores.

There are other issues that come with sharing a student house: such as deciding who gets the small and unwanted bedroom – in private student accommodation all bedrooms are a good size.

In addition, depending on the type of student halls the tenant will be living in a large room with mod cons or a small flat but it will have its own strong lock on the door. There’s no need worry about who is accessing your bedroom when you are in a tutorial, for instance.

And because many student halls that are private have a manned reception, it’s not such a big issue to have forgotten your key since they will have a spare to hand.
In a student house this problem will need to be met by visiting the landlord or letting agent to get a new spare cut.

Essentially, the writer explains that there’s a lot to be said for moving into private student halls, especially with the all-inclusive bills, and the opportunity of not having to struggle with fellow housemates and the many housing problems that inevitably occur.


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