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Seven Tips When Looking at Private Residential Student Halls

Posted on January 26, 2018 by kristine in Private Halls, Rental Advice, Student Accommodation, Student Halls

Private residential student halls are growing in popularity with students impressed with their all-round offering including inclusive rents.

However, there are a number of tips that will help you decide which private halls are for you.

Tip one: Start your search for private halls early. Don’t leave it too late since demand for private residential halls is high and if you find halls that you like then sign up for them promptly. For those heading to university for the first time, the University will have an accommodation office and there will be help available from the students’ union too.

Tip two: How much will halls cost? This is important since you will need to budget for the rent and be able to afford it throughout your studies. Private halls offer an all-inclusive rent so there are no unexpected bills, unlike landlord provided accommodation.

Tip three: Visit the private halls. It’s important to inspect the halls though this is more difficult for students living overseas. It’s also important to check the small print for the tenancy thoroughly to ensure you know what you are paying for and what will be provided, such as good internet access.

Tip four: Are the halls safe? Most private residential halls for students offer around-the-clock security and a manned reception desk; this will provide safety and reassurance for those living there.

Tip five: How close is the campus? While university provided halls may require one or two bus journeys to reach lectures, private residential halls tend to be within walking distance of the campus. Provided accommodation also tends to be close but cheaper properties can be further away.

Tip six: Socialising? Most private halls will offer students social events so you will get to engage with others living in the halls and many of these events are enjoyable. Obviously, that’s not quite the situation with landlord provided accommodation and having a social scene will be hugely attractive to many students and help their stay in the university town be more enjoyable. Some of the events will include DJ nights, pizza evenings and even barbecues.

Tip seven: What is provided? Most private student halls will have a double bed, a large screen TV, and an ensuite bathroom. Others will have kitchenettes and many providers will offer bedding and kitchen utensils. The room will also have a desk and chair and it is also worthwhile asking how good the broadband connection is.

Private residential halls for students

Finally, regardless of the type of student accommodation you are signing up for, you will need to know how to report problems and be reassured they will be fixed quickly; in private residentials halls for students, there will be a maintenance team on hand. With landlords, clarify how quickly problems are resolved.

If you are looking for more advice and tips for reasons to move into private residential student halls, then speak with the University’s accommodation office or the students’ union and visit websites such as for more information.


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