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Tips when Looking for Private Halls of Residence for Students

Posted on January 12, 2018 by kristine in Private Halls, Rental Advice, Student Accommodation

Lots of students are increasingly looking to spend their university years in top quality private halls of residence for students but there are still some issues they need to be aware of.

The first is that while there are lots of developers and companies offering quality halls to live in, it would help to check with university’s housing office that the provider is on the approved list.

The next important issue is not to hand over money upfront without seeing the accommodation first.

It will also help to go through the contract for the private halls so you are clear about what it will cost and what your obligations will be while living there.

Demand for private halls of residence

These tips are offered despite the fact that demand for private halls of residence in many of our universities is extremely high; it’s still worth taking the time to research thoroughly before signing a contract.

Should you have any issues and questions that need answering, your university’s housing service should be able to help; even if it means making sense of the contract.

There are many advantages to living in private halls for students, though they tend to be more expensive than University-provided halls.

Among the pros is that they tend to be of high quality with more facilities; these may include an on-site gym, cinema and games rooms as well as a cafeteria.

Quality private halls for students in London

Indeed, the offerings will vary depending on the halls’ location and how much rent the student is willing to pay. There is no doubt that there are quality private halls for students in London that cost astonishing amounts of money but deliver incredible levels of luxury.

However, even reasonably priced private halls have a common room, library, cinema and some have a cocktail bar as well.

Others have a climbing wall while nearly all private halls of residence for students will organise regular events for those living there including film nights and social evenings.

Also, some halls appreciate that students may not be that well organised and will offer a free breakfast to tenants and others offer a cleaning service to ensure their rooms are clean; others have laundrettes on site to help while others will provide free bikes to help tenants get to lectures and social events.

It helps also that having a manned reception brings peace of mind to those living in residential halls, particularly students from overseas, and any issues and problems can be quickly resolved; many halls also have on-site maintenance teams available.

Essentially, if you are looking for private halls of residence for students then it’s worth the time researching the potential halls that attract you and can find halls that are close to the University campus and the town centre as well.


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