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Our Guide for Finding the Best Private Student Halls of Residence

Posted on January 15, 2018 by kristine in Private Halls, Rental Advice, Student Accommodation

If you are heading to university or are looking for somewhere to live for your studies, then finding private student halls of residence may be key to enjoying your time away from home.

While many first years will already know about university-provided halls of residence, there is a sound alternative.

That is to take a look at the private halls being provided by developers and housing providers.

They are essentially a quality offering, located close to the campus at reasonable rents.

Sourcing private residential halls for students

For those students who are moving to university then there are a range of new challenges to face including finding a home which is why sourcing private residential halls for students could be a major plus point.

It’s also important to appreciate that students do not have to accept university provided halls of residence and can find somewhere else to live.

Among the reasons for turning down these halls are the cost, location – many are on the outskirts of the university town – and the quality of the accommodation.

It’s also possible to move into a shared student house with other students but the choice is yours.

Quality private residential halls

In quality private residential halls, the students are being offered an excellent middle ground where you can be independent but live in a well-managed property that is safe and secure.

Most private student halls have been purpose-built by developers and are run by firms looking to offer what most students will be looking for.

In many ways, private halls will help you get the most from what should be an exciting student experience since having somewhere to live that is enjoyable with lots of other people is something to be considered.

There’s no doubt that the best value student accommodation tends to be snapped up quickly so you will need to organise yourself if private halls sound attractive to you.

Reasonably priced private student halls

However, student plans do change so it is possible to find quality and reasonably priced private student halls at the last minute.

It’s also important to appreciate that the providers of private student halls will also arrange social events so you won’t be feeling lonely and will get to meet and make friends with others living in the same halls.

When it comes to finding the best private student halls of residence, there are websites such as that offer a wide selection of properties at great prices.


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