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Quality Private Student Halls: What You Need to Know

Posted on January 22, 2018 by kristine in Private Halls, Rental Advice, Student Accommodation

When it comes to finding quality private student halls, then it’s important to understand what they are and what you need to know.

Indeed, finding the right student accommodation will be important to you and help ensure your experience at university is an enjoyable one.

This is particularly true for those students heading to larger cities, including London, and for students heading to the UK from overseas.

For overseas students, it is important that they arrange their student accommodation before arriving in the country and they will need to book a room beforehand.

Private student residential halls

Along with private student residential halls, there are other opportunities including university-provided halls of residence, living with a family and private student accommodation provided by a landlord.

There are pros and cons for all student properties but the attractiveness of living in private halls of residence helps explain why they are growing in popularity.

Among the reasons include having an all-inclusive rent so you will be able to budget effectively throughout the year. This means that there are no unexpected bills, such as a heating bill in a cold winter.

These private halls are often new developments or impressive refurbishments of landmark buildings and offer mod cons including large rooms with some offering kitchenettes and ensuite bathrooms.

Living in private student halls of residence

The opportunities for living in private student halls of residence include having organised social events and other extras such as bowling alleys, TV and cinema rooms, games rooms and libraries.

Even in London, students will find quality private halls with a variety of features including free bikes and free breakfasts to ensure you start the day properly.

So, the most important tips when looking for private halls include researching accommodation facilities thoroughly so you will feel safe and secure while living there.

It’s also important to apply early if the halls attract your attention and for those overseas students heading to London, then you will need to appreciate that the city is a major destination for other students in the world, including the UK.

Important tip when thinking about private student halls

Another important tip when thinking about private student halls is to understand what else, including a good broadband connection is included – many halls offer social events to help you feel at home and around-the-clock security too.

When it comes to living in quality private student halls, the University and the students’ union will have plenty of information available about providers and their offerings or you can visit to see the wide range of quality accommodation on offer.


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