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Private Student Halls of Residence versus Private Student Accommodation

Posted on January 19, 2018 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Accommodation, Student Halls

For university students who are moving into accommodation then they traditionally would have opted for landlord provided homes but private residential halls for students are quickly growing in popularity.

There are a number of reasons for this and we will explain what you should consider when moving.

Firstly, private student residential halls have an all-inclusive rent which will also include the electricity and water as well as broadband. In a landlord provided home, the students will need to budget for these extra expenses, though more landlords are offering all-inclusive rents to help tenants budget effectively.

Rents being paid for private student halls

While there’s often not a huge amount of difference between rents being paid for private student halls and landlord provided accommodation, there is a big difference in the offering.

That’s because private halls of residence tend to be in new developments or are a quality refurbishment, while student houses have a range of quality and standards. Some students may struggle with some of the homes being offered for rent.

However, with private halls of residence, students will find that the property is well maintained, there’s often a maintenance team on site, and a manned reception desk.

This last point is important since it will bring reassurance to many students that they’re living in a safe and secure environment. Obviously, a landlord provided home will mean the students are responsible for locking the doors and windows. This doesn’t always happen.

Moving into private halls for students

Another big feature for moving into private halls for students is that many providers will arrange for social events so people living there get to meet their fellow tenants and have an enjoyable time. These will include events such as pizza evenings and some halls have a bar and stage DJ nights.

Private halls also have more facilities and many have TV and games rooms, meeting areas, while others have a tenpin bowling alley and on-site gyms.

For those students who are considering where they will live in their second or third years of study, or even in their first year if they don’t like the university-provided halls of residence, then private halls offer an ideal solution.

They are often located close to the campus, the student will have a large room with a double bed and large screen TV with many having ensuite bathroom facilities and a kitchenette. This means they can stay in their room to study and when they feel like it, go socialise with fellow tenants or friends or even join in an arranged event.

There’s a lot to recommend private student halls of residence above the offering from private landlords but for more information, speak with the university’s accommodation office or the students’ union or you could visit to find out what is on offer.


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