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All-Inclusive Private Student Halls of Residence – The Benefits

Posted on November 6, 2017 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Accommodation

Moving to a university in a new city, a new home and with new people is nerve-wracking, stressful but also exciting. There is a huge amount to consider and problems can arise in the most unexpected places.

Renting a room or studio in private student halls of residence usually comes with all of the bills included in the rent. Make sure that you include this option in the search filter while looking at the myriad of properties available to choose from. The benefits of paying for housing this way are many.

It’s easier to budget

The art of balancing income and expenditure is a tricky one. With just one amount to raise each month, it is virtually impossible to confuse what you’re paying and when.

With many utility providers of gas, electricity, and water, the prices can fluctuate throughout the year. In winter, bills tend to be higher leading to guesswork being involved in budgeting. An all-inclusive rent for private student halls will have had these changes factored in so there will be no need to worry.

Your home will be up and running as soon as you move in

All utilities, broadband, and TV will be working from the first day you arrive in your private student halls accommodation. There’s no need to shop around for the best prices or wait for an engineer to connect your internet.

No paperwork

Signing the rental contract is the only paperwork and form filling needed in relation to your private student halls of residence or university-managed property. No endless online forms or dashing to the Post Office to pay for an electricity card.

There’s more time for fun stuff (and work!)

In your first weeks at university, there’s an epic amount of exciting and overwhelming demands on your time. Fresher’s Week, course registration, fancy dress pub crawl and your first seminars.

All-inclusive bills free-up hours and days from waiting in for water meter readers to make memories and friends instead.

Also, parents can be reassured that their child will never be left without power after the meter runs out in the house they are renting with friends.

Safe and secure private student halls of residence

It’s hard for the people left at home not to worry when a student moves towards independence at the university. Most Mum’s, Dad’s and guardians are delighted at the idea of all-inclusive bills in safe and secure private student halls of residence.

However, it is important to check what is included when agreeing to rent a room, studio, flat or house. Insurance, maintenance fees, and council tax bills are worth researching.

Make sure you are happy before signing on the dotted line and don’t be afraid to question any part of the contract that you’re not sure or uncomfortable about though, for many, the high comfort levels found in private student halls of residence will bring peace of mind.


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