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Choosing University Accommodation: Private Student Halls of Residence and Private Rentals

Posted on November 10, 2017 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Accommodation

The moment you open your A-Level results is terrifying and exciting; if all is well, and we hope it is, then your future as a university student is waiting.

However, once the celebrations are over, it’s time to start making some important decisions about where you will live.

Private student halls of residence, university managed accommodation and private rentals are all options should you be moving away from home to study. Each will have their advantages and disadvantages; once you know the type you’re interested in then the search extends to which is best.

Here’s what to consider:

The area the student accommodation is situated in

Research is key here. Read student blogs, websites, Facebook pages and Twitter to gain invaluable hints and tips on where the best places are for students. Looking at information on crime rates, geography and nearby facilities are also very useful.

Most private student halls of residence have been purposefully built in convenient locations close to campus buildings, shops, and transport links. University halls can be a little further out of town and student rental areas are in residential sections of the city.


Make absolutely sure that the property you are considering is up to the required standards of health and safety. The rules and regulations are strict for a good reason.

Look at the location, street lighting and any CCTV that might be in the area. Have a look at the streets with family or friends to get a feel for how safe you feel.

Few private student halls have had issues with safety, so consider carefully the building – both inside and outside the property – and this should reassure. Any legitimate landlord or property manager should be more than willing to provide you with any relevant certificates and information that is required.

The people you live with

The majority of first-year students will move into halls of residence, either private or university managed.

The choice of people you’ll be living with will be out of your control but don’t let this put you off; just remember the other residents are all as nervous as you and it’s great to have like-minded people to share the journey with.

In the second and third year, you may decide to move into a privately rented house or flat with your close friends. Make sure you discuss ground rules about what you do and don’t expect from living with each other. If you are a clean freak admit it. Grumpy in the morning? Admit that! Be honest and open from the beginning.

Some students will opt for private student halls of residence for convenience and to enjoy a modern, well-developed building.


The range of properties for rent by students is wide. There are basic rooms in university halls, comfortable larger spaces in private student halls as well as luxury studio flats. Think carefully about how much you can afford and don’t be seduced into signing up for a rent that just isn’t going to be met in the long term.


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