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Choosing your student private residential halls

Posted on April 25, 2016 by kristine in Accommodation for Students, Private Halls

Leaving home to study at university is a big step while moving into student private residential halls will be a big help, there are other housing options available too.

It’s important that a student who is moving away feels safe and comfortable in their home and surrounding environment so they can enjoy their time at university.

Before exploring further the opportunities with student private residential halls, let’s look more closely at finding private rented student accommodation.

Most students will be living in private rented accommodation, particularly for their second and third year of studies. This is a popular option of students who can rent a home on their own or opt to share with fellow students.

By sharing, the bills will be reduced and there will be a social scene on hand.

Sharing a student house

Many people enjoy this spell of sharing a student house and while they have their own bedroom they will have to share the living areas, kitchen and bathroom. There will also be extra costs on top such as the utility bills.

Most universities will have a list of letting agents and student landlords who can help provide this accommodation.

There’s also the option of living in university-provided residential halls which are generally reserved for first-year students.

However, there is a growing problem that universities do not have enough accommodation in their halls of residence for all of their first year students, many universes also give priority to international students who have not lived in the UK previously.

This means that from their first year, instead of living in student residential halls, the student will have to find private rented accommodation.

Look at student private residential halls

There is a nice middle ground and that’s to look at student private residential halls which have grown hugely in popularity in recent years as developers look to meet the growing demand.

The private residential halls for students are of a high standard and usually found close to the University or in the centre of the student town or city.

In addition to having their own room, which is usually an ensuite, the student may have to share kitchen facilities with fellow students but many of these student studio apartments have a kitchenette provided.

The rooms are comfortable and come with a large bed and a big flat TV screen as well as a desk and a high level of decor.

Private student accommodation halls offer excellent facilities

These private student accommodation halls also offer excellent facilities and they will generally have areas to watch TV and chat with fellow residents while some private halls will also have study rooms, library, cafe and some have gyms and a games room too.

There’s a very good selection of student private residential halls now available in every town and city offering quality accommodation at reasonable rates and, this is also a big plus, a student can live in them for the duration of their studies.


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