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Weird but Essential Items to Pack When Moving into Private Student Halls of Residence

Posted on December 22, 2017 by kristine in Private Halls, Rental Advice, Student Accommodation, Student Halls

Packing to move into your private student halls of residence is stressful. How do you know what you’ll need, what everyone else will already have and what one item from home will make you feel human again during exam week?!

We’ve put together a list of the things you and your parents will probably never think of but will make a big difference to your first few weeks in your private halls of residence room and on campus.

1. Fancy dress outfits. Make them cheap, simple and multiple. Freshers week, student nights and random ‘it would be amazing if we …’ moments tend to lead to dressing up. Be prepared and look mint!
2. A beer pong kit. It’s a very American game but it’s hilarious, especially as the drinks flow. Anything that breaks the ice with the other residents in your private halls is a must.
3. A Netflix account. This might not seem very sociable as you embark on an adventure that involves meeting lots of new people. However, everyone needs ‘me’ time, a moment or two to chill and knowledge of the latest ‘must see’ box set.
4. Something heavy to act as a doorstop for when you have an essay to write but don’t want to miss out on the fun or cut yourself off from your hall mates. Ok, so maybe packing a big heavy object isn’t a good use of car space but make sure you find of buying one asap.
5. A mattress protector. All private student halls are well maintained and the rooms are refreshed and thoroughly checked between occupancies. If, despite the provider’s assurances, sleeping in a bed someone else has freaks you out then this piece of bedding kit is important. It will also protect your bed from wine, tea, and hot chocolate spilling incidents.
6. Post It Notes. To identify YOUR prosecco, in the cosy shared kitchen, mark important pages in a text, leave notes on your door and for silly party games.
7. Coat hangers. It’s well worth squishing a bin bag full of different shaped hangers into your Mum’s car. Your favourite party dress won’t make you feel as sexy as it should if it’s been ‘folded’ in a drawer and now looks like a dish rag.

It’s a good idea to Google the packing lists made by recent first-year uni students. They will be accurate if a little bonkers and helpful for anyone moving into private residential halls for students. We all know bedding, stationery and crockery are essential; the real luxuries and happiness generators are a little more prosaic.


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