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Finding private residential halls for students

Posted on June 30, 2016 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Halls

With a variety of student accommodation options available, including quality private residential halls for students, it’s no surprise that many young people wonder which is going to be the best housing solution for them.

First year university students should have the option of living in University-provided residential halls but for their second and third years of studies they have to move out.

This means looking for landlord provided student housing or private residential halls.

There’s also a trend for growing numbers of students to opt to live at home and commuting to their studies as well as using the opportunity to work part-time to earn money.

Landlord provided student housing

In big cities, for example London, the problem with landlord provided student housing is that it may be spread over a large area rather than being in a small area close to the campus.

Most cities with a university have a readily recognised student area and with that comes a variety of homes to choose from because there’s lots on offer.

However, for students living in London that’s not quite the case since there are several universities to study at and there’s also more demand for housing – it can also be very expensive.

This is where the prospect of living in private residential halls for students really does come to the fore since they have reasonable rents and are located close to the campus.

Live in private halls from their first year of study

In addition, students can choose to live in private halls from their first year of study onwards and remain in them until they finish university. Some people find this element of stability is to welcomed.

In addition, private halls for students have mod cons, excellent facilities and staff on site around the clock so there is no arguing with a landlord to get repairs or maintenance carried out.

There’s also the prospect of enjoying social events on site and having areas where students who live there can mix with others and their friends in games and TV rooms as well as cafes and break out areas.

Private halls for students are modern developments

Most private halls for students are modern developments located close to a campus so students can enjoy mod cons and rooms with ensuite facilities while being close to their university so travel to lectures and social events is easy.

Another big plus for living in private halls for students is that the rent is all-inclusive which means there will be no unexpected bills which is not the case for those who decide to live in private accommodation and they will need to split the bills equally between everyone living there and pay their rent on time.

There’s a lot to recommend private residential halls for students and for anyone planning on attending university, a visit to a few of them will confirm that private halls really do offer the best of all worlds.


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