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Great Facilities at Many Private Student Residential Halls

Posted on January 1, 2018 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Accommodation, Student Halls

Not only are private student residential halls growing in popularity because they offer comfortable and modern accommodation but they also offer, in a growing number of cases, an unusual place to live.

It should also be appreciated that these halls are not just located in London or the major student centres but are dotted around the country.

For instance, the range of facilities will vary with some having gyms and others with cinemas and games rooms.

Indeed, for students in Glasgow, there is the opportunity in one residential halls for a festival space complete with a giant 15ft slide. There are also dining rooms available.

For those students living in private residential halls in Cardiff, they have a resident’s party room that would not go amiss in a top London hotel.

Impressive dining rooms are a popular addition to many halls and for some students in Cardiff, they have their very own party room complete with what appears to be a nightclub with a DJ stand.

Private halls for students in London

There are one private halls for students in London complete with a Tube theme and the centrepiece is a carriage recreation complete with relaxing seats.

Also, many private halls offer bikes for residents to borrow but for those in one Bournemouth halls, there’s the option of borrowing surfboards.

For students in one residential hall in Nottingham, the facility comes complete with a grand piano.

It should also be appreciated that the growing popularity of private residential halls for students means that developers are increasingly creating impressive new buildings that will attract residents.

This helps explain why they tend to be slightly dearer than renting private student accommodation.

In addition, developers also sympathetically convert established and old buildings into thriving homes complete with mod cons.

Private residential halls for students in Belfast

For instance, there’s a private residential hall for students in Belfast that comes complete with impressive stained-glass windows in their recreation area that helps give a unique and impressive look.

The bottom line is that when it comes to private residential halls for students, they come in all shapes and sizes to meet a variety of needs and expectations and many of them have stand-out features.

While not all of them have surfboards or dining rooms, many will have a novel feature.

However, all private halls offer security and pleasant surroundings that help create a home-from-home to help students focus on their studies and enjoy their time at university.


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