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How much do private student residential halls cost?

Posted on October 23, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice

One of the big questions when it comes to finding university accommodation for parents and students alike, is knowing how much private student residential halls cost.

That’s because the rent on these quality properties range from around £100 to an astronomical amount.

The growth in purpose-built student accommodation blocks in the UK has rocketed in recent years as property developers strive to meet growing demand, particularly from students who want modern and comfortable accommodation.

However, it should be expected that there is also a demand for luxury student accommodation with students prepared to pay a premium to enjoy living there.

Here at we have highlighted how cost-effective many of the country’s private student residential halls are for the excellent level of facilities and comfort.

We have also highlighted that students can live in them for the duration of their studies and that they have excellent facilities.

The top end of private student residential halls

However, there are news stories about the top end of private student residential halls which may give people an impression that all such accommodation is expensive.

This comes after one London agency revealed it was marketing the ‘ultimate in student pads’ which would cost tenants £2,250 a week. That’s £117,000 a year to rent a student property.

The properties concerned are located on Park Lane, in London’s Mayfair and overlook Hyde Park. They consist of five refurbished two bed apartments and a three bed triplex.

The agent also points out that they are luxury lets for wealthy students from overseas looking to live in Mayfair while undertaking their studies.

Indeed, around 80% of the enquiries for the properties have come from international students and one has already been let to a 19-year-old from the US.

Private residential halls for students

The level of opulence and luxury found in the development should not detract from the fact that most private residential halls for students are high quality and meet the demanding needs of today’s students extremely well.

This means that the studio apartment is a comfortable place to be and study in, from a large bed, flatscreen TV, desk and, usually, a small kitchen means that everything a student today needs is close to hand.

In addition, most private halls also have areas where they can meet and have a coffee with friends, a games room, a reading room as well as round-the-clock security and a manned reception desk. Most of these private halls are also located within town and city centres close to university campuses and are an ideal location for students.

Unlike most other student properties for rent, private halls can be rented for a student’s entire university career and they do not have to move out after their first year, as they would have to in university-provided residential halls.

Ultimately, private student residential halls for students make for an ideal home-from-home and not all of them cost the earth.


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