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How to choose the right private student halls

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice, Student Accommodation

For many students, choosing where they are going to live is among the biggest decisions they have to make and private student halls offer a great opportunity to enjoy modern and safe surroundings with friends.

In the student’s first year, universities provide accommodation in a hall’s of residence setting but not all students opt to live in them with many choosing to live in the private rented sector or to live at home with their parents.

In addition, growing numbers of first-year students, as well as second and third years, opt to live in purpose-built student developments more popularly known as private halls of residence for students.

There are a number of positives for each of these and most of them are down to the cost of renting and location.

Mainly, university halls of residence are located close to campus and have lots of social events organised to keep students occupied and interested in new hobbies.

Halls of residence are a great way to make new friends

In addition, halls of residence are also a great way to make new friends and are an ideal way to make the step from living at home to living independently.

Obviously, living in a private halls of residence for students offers the same advantages, though they are not provided by the university.

The next choice is to live in a private rented house with friends though this tends not to be a popular choice for mature students.

Not every university can guarantee a place in its halls of residence for all of their first-year students attending and some will be living in private rented accommodation.

For those who choose to live in such properties, the big advantage is that you get to decide who you live with and where.

Landlord provided properties for students

Landlord provided properties for students are available all year round and many students decide to book their accommodation many months in advance to ensure they get what they are looking for.

Most universities will provide a list of landlords who have been approved and also a list of lettings agents too.

The obvious advantage is that the student will be living independently and need to ensure they have enough money to pay the rent and bills, which are often not calculated before signing a tenancy.

The other option is to live at home which is the cheapest option and also means that the student does not have to pack-up their worldly belongings and then make new friends in new surroundings.

Perhaps the major downfall for a student living at home is that they are not close to student activities or the campus so they may miss out on lots of social events.

Private student halls are growing in popularity

Finally, private student halls are growing in popularity because they are generally purpose-built with students in mind. The rent will incorporate all of the bills and repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.

These privately owned buildings also offer lots of other mod cons, including fast broadband and well-designed communal areas.

Again, a university and the students’ union will have a list of approved private student halls for parents and students to consult.

Most of these private halls will be located close to the campus or in the city centre where they make a great base to explore the surroundings and enjoy student activities.

Many of them also have studio apartments so it means the student does not have to share a kitchen or bathroom which means they don’t have to clean up after other residents.

There’s no doubt that private halls for students will continue to be popular since they offer excellent facilities in a modern purpose-built environment.


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