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How to Find Quality Private Residential Halls for Students

Posted on January 5, 2018 by kristine in Private Halls, Rental Advice, Student Accommodation

As the new academic year approaches, there will be second and third year students, as well as a sprinkling of first years, who will be desperately looking for quality private residential halls and private accommodation.

For many, most of the student accommodation opportunities will have been snapped up months ago but finding somewhere decent to live is not impossible.

It’s important to appreciate that for students, a comfortable and safe home will help make or break their time at university.

It helps that there are a growing number of private residential halls for students in the UK offering excellent living accommodation.

We should also mention that while many universities will provide spaces in their own halls of residence, there is a growing issue around the country of universities having too many students for their accommodation.

This means they may need to turn to hotels in the short-term while they secure longer term accommodation, often in private halls for students.

Private residential hall providers

However, all is not lost since universities and private residential hall providers will keep some spaces in reserve for those who are moving to university and looking for last-minute quality student accommodation.

The university’s housing office will have a list of approved landlords and private hall providers and many of these halls will have special events for prospective tenants to have a look around.

It should also be appreciated for those students who have not yet had time to visit private halls of residence that the quality of accommodation is nothing like your parents say it will be.

That’s because the days of developers and landlords offering grotty accommodation is in decline since students today are looking for a home-from-home experience; this means they want to live in a quality, well-built and decorated home.

And who can blame them?

Facilities available in private halls are impressive

The facilities available in private halls are impressive and depending on how much the student is willing to spend every week in rent, then these halls will impress.

For those who want to live in private residential halls for students, they will generally find these are modern developments with lots of mod cons.

The student’s room is usually spacious and well equipped with a double bed, a large flatscreen TV, desk and chair as well as an ensuite bathroom; some also have a kitchenette.

In addition, there is a good level of security, a manned reception desk and activities and events organised to help ensure the tenants make friends with those living there.

When it comes to finding quality private residential halls for students, there are some excellent online platforms help the search and, as mentioned previously, the University will also provide details of quality accommodation providers.


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