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Impressive Private Halls of Residence for Students

Posted on November 20, 2017 by kristine in Accommodation for Students, Private Halls

Private halls of residence for students increasingly look like ambitious architectural projects for new builds and sympathetic conversions alike.

There’s been a big leap in demand for private student accommodation that many developers and larger landlords have worked hard to meet.

This means that many university towns and cities in the UK have been boosted by private halls being developed for students.

These halls are located close to the campus and the city centre so students can get to their studies easily and enjoy a nightlife and possibly work opportunities as well.

University housing for students to call home

However, one organisation that offers these developments for investors to consider has taken a closer look at some of the impressive university housing being prepared for students to call home.

Some of them are smart and eco-friendly while some architects are utilising floating shipping containers in one Danish city.

Students in London looking for quality private student halls should take a close look at one offering in King’s Cross which has seen the redevelopment of a former bank’s headquarters.

The development also reflects the area’s railway heritage and uses steel and concrete as well as ceramic tiling to great effect.

The private halls consist of two 15-storey towers that have been home to students for 10 years and with their carriage style booth seating, they offer something a tad unusual.

Wooden-built private halls of residence

For students at Cambridge University, there’s the option of wooden-built private halls of residence with 70 rooms complete with exposed beams, oak floors, and picture windows.

The building surrounds a courtyard complete with silver birch trees.

However, it’s not just in the UK were developers and architects are stretching their imaginations to provide impressive private halls of residence for students with the floating shipping containers found in Copenhagen and Sweden offering small wooden self-contained units.

In America, close to the Massachusetts Institute of technology is an impressive private halls of residence that circulates fresh air around the building that’s also been designed to bring in lots of natural light.

British private halls of residence for students

There’s even a 24-hour cafe on site though lots of British private halls of residence for students also have cafe facilities and shops, gyms, cinemas, games rooms, breakout areas as well as music rooms.

Essentially, when it comes to looking at private halls of residence for students, the range is impressive and they offer mod cons, lots of comfort and security in great surroundings.


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