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Luxury Student Accommodation Overtakes Ordinary ‘Student Digs’

Posted on July 28, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls

Here at we are always intrigued by the tone of some articles featuring private student accommodation because many people are unaware of the strides that have been made in quality in recent years.

This has been the feature of an article in a London newspaper recently which saw the journalist being particularly impressed by the quality of private student halls in North London.

Once again, the writer has noted that students today will no longer put up with the digs of yesteryear such as were seen in TV’s ‘The Young Ones’ and featured grotty properties.

The article also highlights that private student housing also offers a wide range of rents, with some being as much as £355 a week in Camden.

Indeed, there’s a slew of new luxury student developments springing up across London to help cater for those with higher expectations of their student home.

One reason for this, a spokesman for the real estate firm Savills explains, is that there is a big rise in student numbers.

Growing demand for quality student housing

This means there is growing demand for quality student housing, particularly from overseas students and older students.

Because student numbers have increased so rapidly, universities often do not have the facilities to offer accommodation to students in their first-year.

This means that students and their parents are increasingly looking to private halls for the first year of studies that have been purpose-built.

Savills also highlights that investors, particularly from abroad, are pumping huge amounts of money into the UK’s private student accommodation sector to help provide more accommodation and to cash in from the potential of the market.

One reason for the high London rents for students is that the property prices are high and converting or building new accommodation is expensive.

However, that doesn’t mean that developers have cut corners in offering quality student accommodation.

Private halls are well-furnished

The writer of this particular article was pleasantly surprised to find that the students’ private halls were well-furnished.

In the student’s room, the writer found a large bed and excellent views across London. They note that they would have been ‘more than happy’ to live in a private halls while they were a student.

This particular property had a large roof terrace and there is also a games room, with a ping-pong table as well as table football, and a chill out room with a large flatscreen TV and a wide selection of books.

The article also notes that with some universities struggling to provide first-year accommodation, some are willing to subsidise some of the rent.

This means that for those who meet the criteria, the weekly rent for private halls for students becomes more reasonable to live in the capital in what is a very nicely appointed property.


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