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Number of Private Halls for Students Continue to Grow

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Ceri in Investment, Private Halls

Finding quality student accommodation has always been a problem but the huge success of private student halls in recent years has come as a surprise to many.

We have highlighted before on that the growing demand from students for top-quality accommodation has led to major investment in new purpose-built student properties.

This means that the widely held belief that students live in rundown properties with poor landlords is a thing of the past.

So stop thinking about student digs being like those in the TV show ‘Fresh Meat’ or, for older readers, the dive that was home to the students in ‘The Young Ones’.
Indeed, one of the UK’s biggest developers of student properties, Unite Group, has carried out the survey of students to find out why they like student private halls.

In their Insight Report, 87% of students said they wanted peace and quiet in their home.

When asked about access to nightlife, only 56% said it was a priority for them.

Students looking for accommodation to help their studies

The report suggest that students are increasingly looking to be diligent in their academic studies rather than wasting the opportunity and time being entertained.

That doesn’t mean that the private student halls are not located close to city centres or university campuses, the vast majority are, and many have their own sources of entertainment on-site.

Many private halls for students have gyms and some even have a cinema and all of them have areas where they can meet and relax with friends.

Unite’s chief executive says that with student fees increasing many young people are looking for a return on what is essentially an investment in their future.

He explained: “Students want a good time but first they want a good degree.”

Another chief executive, Mark Stott, of Select Property Group, says that students are increasingly looking for better facilities in their accommodation.

Student numbers growing rapidly

With the numbers of young people attending university growing rapidly, there is a shortage of quality accommodation for students but this is now being met by universities themselves and also by private developers.

They are both building impressive new student halls of residence to help cater for this increase in student numbers.

This also means that there is a huge opportunity for developers and they appreciate that students today are looking for nice, comfortable and safe places to live and study.

In addition, these developers are providing quality student accommodation that often have 24/7 security and maintenance people on site. They are not dilapidated or rundown but are offering excellent levels of quality to enable a student to succeed with their studies.


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