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Overseas students love private halls of residence

Posted on February 15, 2016 by kristine in Private Halls

One of the most common themes for us here at is that student accommodation today is nothing like most people believe and this has been underlined with a survey of overseas students who say that accommodation in the UK is the best.

Apparently, international students are increasingly satisfied with their studying within the UK with 91% of those who responded in 2014 being positive.

The organisation behind the research highlights that an important aspect of overseas student’s experiences is that of student accommodation and many enjoy living in private halls.

When analysed, student accommodation in the UK is rated more highly than that in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US.

One aspect for this big seal of approval is that private residential halls for students are hugely popular because they are often in a modern development and offer all the mod cons.

Quality private residential student halls

Indeed, many former students who may have lived in grotty student homes in years gone by will barely recognise the quality of private residential student halls today.

We have also highlighted previously that a growing number of universities are increasingly struggling to provide residential halls for their first year students.

This means that more students are looking to move into quality private student residential halls from their first year onwards.

Indeed, a big attraction is to enjoy the halls’ environment so the first year students can make friends but also enjoy their own space and privacy; this is possible with the impressive studio apartments being offered.

In one private halls for students in Reading, residents can get to enjoy a cinema room, gym and a dinner party room as well as a large lounge for meeting friends.

Students in private residential halls

The survey highlights that students in private residential halls are enjoying a quality living experience and their rent is all-inclusive so there are no unexpected bills.

This straightforward way of living is hugely appealing and students get to enjoy fast Internet access while their energy bills are taken care of.

It should also be stressed that the extras that they enjoy, including private cinemas and on-site gyms, are also at no cost so they get to enjoy more for their money.

It should come as no surprise that students are impressed with their living accommodation with developers striving to offer all important extras that will help sway a student’s decision.

It’s also important to appreciate that students can live in the private halls of residence for the duration of their studies rather than having to move out and find somewhere else new to live every year.

By not doing so they can enjoy security and facilities with some private halls for students offering coffee lounges, games rooms and breakout areas with one development offering its tenants the enjoyment of playing in a 10 pin bowling alley.


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