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Private Halls For Students – Choosing The Perfect University City

Posted on December 1, 2017 by kristine in Private Halls, Rental Advice, Student Accommodation

Obviously, the quality and suitability of your degree course is the main reason for choosing a university – but what if there a few options to choose from?

The city or town you’ll be moving to is an important factor when creating your shortlist of the private halls of residence for students you’d love to move into.

The location of your student years will have a huge impact on how much you enjoy them, so choose carefully. We’ve put together a list of the important considerations.

Choice of private student halls of residence

The choice of private student halls of residence and university-managed accommodation is vast – each city will have a range of budget, mid-range and luxury options to call home.

A great location, fantastic facilities and the right price makes for the perfect property.

But what is perfect for one student would be mediocre for another, remember to factor in the choice of rooms into your decision.


A student on a strict budget is unlikely to choose to study in London. The cost of living in your chosen city can vary and the North/South divide will make a difference.

The price of food in the supermarkets and bus fares shouldn’t change that much around the country but the cost of a train ticket home and a night out definitely will.

Accommodation in private halls of residence for students will have differing levels of rent from city to city. The level of luxury in one private halls could be higher in one part of the country for the same price, for example.

Leisure and entertainment opportunities

If you’re a theatre fan then London and Edinburgh will be high on your list of great places to live. More of an outdoor adventurer? Manchester and Leeds both have proximity to the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District. Lovers of an epic night out won’t be disappointed in Liverpool.

Choosing your university based on your hobbies is sensible. If you an escape from dissertation prep into an activity you adore then your student years will be all the happier!

Opportunities for your ongoing career

Researching the proportion of students who find employment in each student city is a good idea. You should also look into the range of jobs and companies that interest you in the area.

Where is the UK’s engineering capital? Always wanted to work for a particular brand? Look for their head office base. Graduate schemes are a fantastic opportunity. Would there be one to apply for nearby?


Everyone has a preference for the type of place they want to live in.

A small friendly city or a bustling, anonymous metropolis? Make sure you attend the University’s open days on offer and make time to get a feel for the city as well as the campus.

Your home while a student will be in private halls of residence or in a rented house. Once the last exam is done, it would be wonderful to feel happy to move into a more permanent residence and make your university city your home.


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