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Private Halls for Students: Our Guide to University Accommodation

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice

With growing demand on first-year university accommodation leading to some students not being guaranteed a home, can help resolve the issue.

Indeed, there’s also a growing trend for first-year students to opt to live in a private student halls for their first year and remain there for the duration of their studies.

Every year there is always a last-minute scramble for university places, particularly if a student has not realised their expected ‘A’ Level results and have to find a course at another university.

This also means that they are further down the queue in finding allocated student accommodation that many universities provide.

Finding suitable student property is not as difficult as it once was with more landlords moving into the sector to help meet this growing demand.

In addition, there’s also a growing number of purpose built student accommodation being built which is proving to be very popular in most university towns and cities.

Students: don’t just choose the first property you find

Experts in the property field are urging students not to simply snap up the first property they find, especially if it is in poor condition.

It becomes easier to find quality student accommodation if the students and their parents target their search on private student halls instead.

It’s this narrowing down of the searching criteria which will make the finding of quality student property much easier.

A student should still inspect their private halls before agreeing to rent it to ensure it is meeting with their expectations.

To help with the search, the University and the students’ union will have an approved list of quality properties that have reached an acceptable standard or a simple search of will also suffice.

Among the checklist when viewing potential student properties is to work out how long it will take to get to university.

Student properties located near to campus

Lots of student properties are located close to a University campus and purpose-built student properties are located in the town or city centre and also adjacent to campuses.

The student should also ensure that the property is clean and when they move in they should take photographs of everything and take note of its condition – if the property owner or agent has not already done an inventory.

It will soon become apparent that when viewing student properties that private halls offer a higher quality of accommodation and also facilities such as gyms, cinemas and coffee shops are a feature in many of them.

While the rent for private halls may be slightly more than for a shared student property, the difference in quality, location facilities will be huge.

Private halls for students are growing in popularity for good reason; they offer comfort, quality and safety since many have a manned reception desk and also security around the clock.

For many parents this will bring peace of mind and also offer a real home-from-home experience.


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