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Private halls for students – the quality facilities revealed!

Posted on November 25, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls

Here at Private Halls we are always keen to stress the quality of accommodation provided for students and one of the biggest providers has revealed what they offer.

With the growing demand for private halls for student residences there have been more providers offering quality accommodation in recent years.

One of the newcomers is one of the biggest players in the USA where they provide 400,000 units for students and they make clear that their service is student-driven.

The firm’s UK managing director says it is now buying properties and refurbishing them and adding the likes of games and cinema rooms, study rooms and fitness facilities.

He points out that one private halls is also having a bowling alley fitted.

Providers of private halls for students

The aim of the firm’s success in the UK is to provide a superior service that does not cost more than other providers of private halls for students to pay.

In addition, the American firm says a key feature for their facilities is the shared study spaces where students can collaborate.

He added that there are walls that students can write on, computers and projectors, comfortable seats and free printing.

These work areas can be tailored to the students’ needs and in one private halls for students located close to a fashion college, the collaborative area has long tables for fashion students to roll out their fabric for measuring and cutting.

The same facility also has sinks and benches for those who work in clay and other media.

Private student halls of residence

The managing director was speaking to a national newspaper which also spoke with one of the largest British providers of private student halls of residence and they agreed that study rooms are important to an increasing number of tenants.

The UK firm has introduced these collaborative areas in nearly half of their facilities and are looking at how popular they are before rolling out the programme to the remainder.

It’s this strong desire to meet the needs of students who live in private halls that drives this change and the delivery of a quality service and accommodation.

Whereas many students will still opt to live in traditional student housing, there’s a big demand from students and their parents to live in quality self-contained studio apartments that are in a well-managed, newly developed blocks for the sole use of students.

Essentially, private student halls of residence offer security and comfort in a modern, well-designed surroundings and enable students to live there for the duration of their studies, unlike university provided accommodation and many student housing landlords.


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