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Private halls of residence and what students want

Posted on December 4, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls

A recent survey reveals that students who live in a private halls of residence are enjoying what other students are looking for from their student accommodation.

Glide Utilities asked students what they want from their accommodation to help give landlords a better understanding how to make their properties more appealing.

For 83% of students, a fast Internet connection is a necessity, followed by 74% of students saying they wanted inclusive bills.

Another 61% said they wanted double beds, while 59% of students said large communal rooms were necessary.

Students said the location of their accommodation was important

To complete the list, students said the location of their accommodation was important, for 55% of respondents, and 31% said public transport links were also crucial.

The first thing to take away from this list of needs and wants, is that providers of private halls of residence for students already offer these as a standard.

This means that a fast Wi-Fi connection and inclusive bills help students today budget more efficiently with their money.

Most purpose-built and refurbished student halls of residence now come with double beds and functional communal rooms where they can meet fellow tenants and friends and they make-up a major part of the sector’s offering.

It also goes without saying that the location of a private student halls is also important and most are found in the centre of a university town and city and close to campus.

Private student halls more attractive

This also means that public transport links are very good which helps to make the private student halls more attractive to tenants.

In many ways, here at we can appreciate why landlords who provide student accommodation would want to know this information to help improve their offering to potential tenants.

There’s also a danger that landlords are spending money on providing things that students are not particularly keen on while they could invest more on the things that the potential tenants do want instead.

For many students, as well as their parents, one of the big attractions of private halls of residence for students is that they offer a secure and safe place to live and learn in for what is a home-from-home environment.

While the bills are inclusive, the private halls also provide security, often a manned reception and a maintenance team so that things that need to be fixed can be done so quickly. The properties are also regularly cleaned and cared for and offer very much more than what most student properties can match.

Moving into a private student halls of residence

In addition to the attractions already listed, anyone moving into a private student halls of residence will find that the offering also includes cinema and games rooms, often a shop or a cafeteria, breakout areas and learning zones.

There’s no doubt that private halls for students are here to stay and that developers are looking to build more of them and refurbish other properties to help meet the growing demand.


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