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Private residential halls for students – size matters!

Posted on November 6, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice

When it comes to finding the perfect student pad, size really does matter when it comes to private residential halls for students.

That’s because a new European report on student accommodation has revealed what students today are looking for.

The ‘must haves’ for UK students include having a big bedroom with a double bed.

Other demands include technology and mod cons: quality furniture was a need for 93% of students with 83% saying they wanted Wi-Fi and 81% wanting to be close to their university.

To put this into perspective, the demand for large bedrooms is not so strong on the continent with just a quarter of French students bothering to have that as a need whereas in Spain just 40% said it was important.

Finding student accommodation

Another major difference between UK students and their foreign counterparts when it comes to finding student accommodation is they need to be close to pubs and nightlife. This was cited in 29% of responses from UK students but just in 15% of European students.

A spokesman for the firm that undertook the research said many people reading through the checklist would think they were looking at a boutique hotel’s advert.

However, he pointed out that student accommodation is much better today than it has been with price, location and size been more crucial than ever before to students and their families.

He added that the current generation of students are discerning and are keen to find the best student accommodation they can afford.

To help meet this growing demand from students, the property sector has responded by delivering large numbers of top quality private residential halls for students that meet the demanding criteria now being sought.

However, a third of students responding to the survey said there was a shortage of quality properties for them.

Newly-built private student residential halls

Real estate firm Jones Lang Lasalle says that investment in student properties, particularly newly-built private student residential halls, rocketed from £500m to nearly £4bn in the last five years.

There’s no doubt that residential private halls are growing in popularity and offer excellent levels of student accommodation with mod cons and comfortable surroundings.

Most of these private student halls come with fast Internet connection, quality furnishings including large beds and bedrooms and they also have round the clock security and manned reception desks.

Students can also live in them for the entire duration of their studies which means they can effectively put down roots close to their university campus and not enter the annual scrum to find new student accommodation.

Private residential halls for students will continue to grow in popularity as demand from students wanting a home from home experience are prepared to pay a small premium to enjoy quality surroundings, safety and facilities.


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