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Private Student Halls – Expectations Rise

Posted on August 21, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls

With the growing number of private student halls of residence now available in the UK there’s also been a rise in people’s expectations of what student accommodation should be.

While the parents of today’s students may remember their university days, particularly in a halls of residence, as involving cramped study bedrooms, cold corridors and having to queue for the bathroom.

That’s not the case today and even university-provided student accommodation has improved immensely in recent times and are certainly more comfortable than ever before and even come with fast Wi-Fi Internet access.

One reason for this has been the introduction of student fees and universities have had to improve their offering which includes that of study bedrooms and living spaces.
However, alongside this improvement has been a trend to use private student halls of residence because the quality of accommodation is very much higher.

These halls do tend to cost slightly more but do have more mod-cons and are comfortable places to be.

New type of private student halls

The new type of private student halls tend to be built in the city centres where public transport is plentiful and can get students to and from their studies easily.
There’s also more to do within the accommodation and some will have shops and cafes as well as gyms and games rooms for the residents to enjoy.

All of them will also have a manned reception desk 24-hours a day and there will be pleasant and comfortable socialising areas.

The price of rents does vary around the country, according to what the provider has for the student.

While some rents for private halls of residence for students will begin at around £100 a week, for the students in London looking for quality accommodation they could be looking at paying £200 a week.

Higher expectations from students

However, it should be noted that one reason for the higher expectations from students is that their own homes are very comfortable and there’s little reason for them to live in poor quality student accommodation.

Another emerging trend – which may surprise parents – is that youngsters are no longer keen to have communal meals at set times and are preferring instead to opt for self-catering accommodation.

This is apparently part of the young person’s desire to acquire life skills and independence.

Private halls for students come in a variety of shapes and sizes in that the student can decide to live by themselves within a self-contained flat with all the mod-cons including a small kitchen or they can opt to share in a larger flat with a friend.

Essentially, the world of student accommodation has changed dramatically in recent years and there are some excellent providers of private student halls delivering excellent levels of comfort and care.


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