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Private Student Halls: not just for First Years

Posted on June 12, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls

With increasing numbers of students now going to the UK’s universities, private student halls are growing in popularity but there is some confusion about them still.

One of the issues is that because universities offer their own halls of residence for students for their first year, many parents apparently believe that private halls are also only for first-year students.

This is not the case and many private student halls providers will say that they have many tenants living in them for the first year and then remaining in the building for the duration of their studies.

While it is true that many people after their first year will move into a student house or flat with their friends for their second and third years of study, this does not apply for private student halls.

The reason why first-years have to leave a university halls of residence is that the demand on places is now so great that the university cannot accommodate all of their students.

Finding quality and comfortable student accommodation

It’s almost like a rite of passage: leaving home at 18 to live in quality and comfortable student accommodation and then moving out once the student has confidence and a better network of friends into their own property.

There are many reasons for moving into a private student halls in the first year and that is to avoid any issues with the university failing to provide enough accommodation for their first year students.

This has happened previously and will, undoubtedly, happen again with growing numbers of students attending university.

There are a number of attractions for many young people for moving into a private halls which include:

• The rent for a private student halls usually includes all of the bills so there’s no need to worry about unexpected utility bills or council tax
• Most you halls are also new buildings and close to universities with 24-hour security which makes for a safe environment and makes many students, as well as their parents, more comfortable
• Private halls also come with broadband and Wi-Fi connection and some have other excellent attractions such as cinemas, gyms and cafes
• There’s also no worrying about maintenance because there’s usually an on-site workman to fix problems without any additional charge.

As mentioned above, most private student halls of residence are located close to the university campus which means that the student will save a small fortune in bus fares.

Private halls offer a variety of accommodation from self-contained flats, to shared cluster flats.

While these halls for students may be more expensive than university student accommodation, they are more comfortable and usually more modern and they also give the opportunity of staying in the same location for the entire university course which also eliminates the need to find suitable student accommodation which is in high demand.


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