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Private Student Halls of Residence are Becoming Much More Popular

Posted on December 11, 2017 by kristine in Luxury Student Flats, Private Halls, Student Accommodation, Student Halls

The assumption that a university student will spend their first year in university halls of residence and then move to a grotty private rented home for their second and third year is becoming old-fashioned; private student halls of residence are becoming much more popular.

They fair favourably in comparison to university halls of residence and often students decide to live in private halls throughout their time at university.

The pros and cons of each type of student accommodation are worth thinking about carefully before you choose.


Private student halls/flats/studios

There is now a huge choice of private halls for students across the country. They are similar to university-run accommodation but are owned by a private company.

The good:

Private halls are usually newer buildings

The facilities will have been designed with modern students in mind such as free wi-fi

Your university will have a list of approved private halls so you can be confident of their quality

The location of purpose-built private student accommodation is often much better than the large, out of town university halls of residence. Your campus, shops, and social facilities will all be nearby

Your neighbours will all be students and of a similar mindset. The communal spaces provided mean you need never feel lonely or cut off from student life.

The Bad:

Even though you should have the opportunity to make contact with the people you’ll be living near, it won’t be you who chooses who they are

Student living can be noisy and messy and if you are a very private, organised person this can take some getting used to

Private halls can potentially cost a little more than university halls of residence. The modern facilities, new buildings, and convenient location make this extra worth paying.


University halls of residence

Accommodation owned and managed by your university will be the first type you will hear about when applying. Often, students assume that is the best option and don’t look elsewhere before signing the rental agreement. Make sure you see what’s available first.

The good:

You are moving into a ready-made community of students and new friends

University halls often have bars and communal spaces to meet and relax so trekking into town on the bus isn’t always needed to have a good time

Access to help with accommodation issues will be available on campus so you can pop in to sort a repair before a lecture.

The bad:

Living with people you don’t know. Most of your neighbours will be lovely but there’s always the odd one! Character building.

University accommodation is well maintained but often quite old and designed with a different generation of students in mind

Spaces in your preferred hall or indeed any hall are not guaranteed. Get in early and don’t be too choosy.

Essentially, private halls of residence offer choice at a range of rents in a modern, well-designed buildings that will meet the needs of today’s students.


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