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Private Student Halls – What to look for

Posted on March 25, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice

With student numbers growing across the UK thanks to the cap being lifted and with accommodation in short supply, there is strong demand for quality student accommodation to rent.

For those who opt for private student halls of residence, the usual checklist of what to look for will not have much meaning.

That’s because most private halls of residence for students in the UK are new, or fairly new, purpose-built accommodation blocks.

This means that they will have been kept in good condition, have very good security, and offer quality accommodation.

What to look for when viewing student property

Most student accommodation the UK does not have a very good reputation though things are improving as students become more choosing in their needs and wants.

A guide to what people should look for when viewing student houses has prompted an appreciation of what private halls really do offer.

There are some very good tips and some the same criteria can be extended to looking at private halls of residence including the idea that potential tenants should take their time to find the accommodation they like.

They should also take a camera and don’t be shy about asking questions – if you are going to live there and pay rent then these questions should be answered honestly.

It’s also important that potential student tenants aren’t pressured into choosing a particular private halls of residence even though they will, undoubtedly, be in big demand.

Tips on viewing private halls of residence

The student website then details 11 issues that potential student tenants should look for, including the risk of rats and pests as well as damp.

In a new private residential hall for students, most of these issues will not arise since the building will be well-managed and cared for.

This is an important criteria when selecting a private halls of residence because the rent tends to be a little bit more than for a shared house and a quality service will be expected as a result.

The location of the halls is also crucial, it should be close to the university or at least to a very good bus service and safety and security is key.

Most private halls will have quality furnishings and a high level of insulation which should mean the rooms are warm – though many halls offer an all-inclusive rent so there won’t be a heating bill.

Communication is vital for finding a quality home

There’s also a good tip to speak to the other tenants to find out whether they enjoy living in the halls and what they like the most.

Before moving into a private halls of residence, as with any type of rental property, it’s crucial to take the time to go through the tenancy agreement and to understand what your obligations are under it and what the landlord will do too.

Most purpose-built private halls now have 24 hour security and a manned reception desk to make them safe and secure and really enjoyable places to live.

Compared to what else is on offer, as revealed in the online tips for viewing student houses, the quality of life offered by private halls is not something that can be compared with on a like-for-like basis.


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