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Private student residential halls – when to start looking?

Posted on December 21, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice, Student Accommodation

For first year students there is a topic of conversation which starts early about when to start looking for private student residential halls.

While universities are obliged to provide accommodation for their first year students, they do not have to do so after that.

There is growing demand on available university-provided accommodation since student numbers are growing and some universities do not have enough accommodation for even their first years. Indeed, there have been news reports of students having to live in hotel accommodation until student property can be found.

However, it soon becomes apparent that students will need to begin discussing their living arrangements after their first year.

Student accommodation providers

There are a number of avenues to pursue and one route is to speak with second and third year students to find out what they did and speak to student accommodation providers.

Student landlords will either be using a letting agent or they will make potential tenants aware of their properties via the students’ union.

There’s also a third option, which is also growing quickly in popularity, and that’s to find the suppliers of private halls for students.

These halls are generally in purpose-built or converted blocks and provide quality surroundings for a range of rents.

Indeed, the rents for a private student residential hall will compare favourably with those being charged by landlords for the sharing of a student property.

Rent for private student halls

In addition, the rent for private student halls will be all-inclusive so it’s easier for students to budget since they will not have any unexpected bills to pay.

That’s not all and we have featured regularly on the other attractive reasons for moving into such accommodation.

Among them is that the rents will include fast Wi-Fi, big beds and flatscreen TVs with ensuite facilities. Some of these student properties also provide kitchenettes and areas for socialising including studying areas, film and TV rooms, games rooms and cafeterias.

For any student, and their family, who is thinking about where to live for their second and third year of studies then there is no set time for beginning their search and the sooner the student begins looking then they will have a wider choice available.

It does seem strange that just a month or two after beginning a new university life, the student has to begin thinking of their living accommodation so soon.

Private student residential halls

Another major point for living in private student residential halls is that a student can move in for their first year and remain there for the duration of their studies.

It should also be highlighted that the halls also offer a secure and safe environment with security and, often, a manned reception desk so any problems with the accommodation which may include having repairs to be carried out will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Students in private halls will have no problems in struggling to contact landlords to carry out repairs since the helpful team within the private student halls will ensure the work is done.


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