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Quality private residential halls for students continue to impress

Posted on March 28, 2016 by kristine in Accommodation for Students, Private Halls, Student Halls

The growing popularity of private residential halls for students means that more regional newspapers are waking up to the quality offering.

Here at we enjoy reading these articles because most of them begin with the premise that modern student accommodation is nothing like the student houses of yesteryear.

And that’s very true of private student halls because the offerings are continuing to impressive as they meet the high expectations of today’s students.

Indeed, that’s the situation with a new conversion project for private residential halls that’s opened in one city. While the penthouse studios are the most expensive, they do include private parking.

Most of the development’s six floors of studios are more reasonably priced and residents get to enjoy a city centre location with each studio being equipped with the latest kitchen and bathroom facilities.

There’s even a boutique cinema available for residents too.

New private student halls have proved to be incredibly popular

Indeed, the new private student halls have proved to be incredibly popular with 113 of the available studios already snapped up along with two of the three available penthouses.

The man behind the scheme says that demand was so impressively high that 50 studios were reserved within a week of being on offer.

He added that students, particularly those leaving university-provided residential halls after their first year of studies, are increasingly opting to live in the city centre closer to facilities and attractions.

The new studios have been designed to enable students to focus on their studies and for completing additional work with minimal distraction.

The new residents can expect their studios to be spacious and well equipped with a double bed, desk and chair, central heating and high comfort levels.

The trend for students to live in city centres is spreading across the UK and means developers can find buildings for conversion more easily and gain planning permission to build new ones.

Private residential hall featured

The private residential hall featured in this particular article has excellent public transport links, there is a very good tram service that stops just outside the front door, and there’s also the opportunity for working in the many city centre outlets to earn money during their studies.

However, students who decide to live in private residential halls are doing so because of the quality of accommodation and the fact they are convenient.

Attractions include having a manned service desk in case there are problems during the day, and around-the-clock security to bring peace of mind to the student tenants as well as their parents.

While the penthouses may be expensive, they certainly aren’t by central London student halls standards, they are quite dear when compared with most private student halls.

However, the vast majority of rooms in the new development are reasonably priced and in demand.

As we have noted before on the blog, as private halls for students gain in popularity there will, undoubtedly, be more impressed journalists visiting them to find out that the world of student accommodation has not only improved but it has gone distinctly upmarket and that’s what students today are looking for.


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