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Quality private residential halls for students offer luxury

Posted on July 8, 2016 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Halls

One of the themes we return to regularly on this blog is that the quality of private residential halls for students continues to improve around the UK with a variety of offerings.

This has been underlined with an interview in one newspaper with a private residential halls developer who is offering five-star hotel style accommodation for undergraduates.

The firm’s first private halls for students has been fully booked since opening with its 131 rooms having kitchenettes and ensuite facilities.

The beds are also top quality with a gym complete with personal trainers and a 24-hour concierge service available. There’s even a complimentary breakfast for those students who get up early enough.

Quality private residential halls for students’ development

Other facilities in this quality private residential halls for students’ development include a cinema room, laundry, study room, cleaning services, a pool table and Xbox as well as an outdoor area complete with table tennis.

One thing the developers did find surprising is how popular the communal areas have become and so for the second block of private residential halls for students, there will be more of these areas plus communal kitchens on every floor.

The developer reveals in the interview that students love their communal spaces and while they have cooking facilities in their room, they also enjoy cooking and eating together as a way to socialise effectively.

Luxury private halls have been popular with international students

Also, while the luxury private halls have been popular with international students, the proportion from overseas is likely to fall over the next year or so in both developments, the developer reveals.

Indeed, the firm’s newest development of private halls for students is also a very impressive creation and a third development in Liverpool will see a private dining facility, library as well as a sauna being installed.

However, these particular private halls will also have a hotel-like approach with some of the rooms being available to let to students for as little as one week.

The developer of private residential halls for students also reveals that many undergraduates today are accustomed to certain standards and want good kitchens, ensuite facilities and a nice decor and for their bills to be all-inclusive.

There’s no doubt the market for private residential halls will continue to grow and the offering for students is impressive and there’s a broad range that cover a selection of rents while offering quality and security in a modern environment.


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