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Quality private student residential halls in the UK

Posted on October 4, 2016 by kristine in Accommodation for Students, Private Halls, Student Halls

For those who are new to the world of private student residential halls then they may believe that just the large cities have this type of quality accommodation.

That isn’t the case and quality private halls for students are found in every university town and city.

This has been underlined with a story in a Scottish newspaper which underlines again the difference in quality between modern student hall developments and what people perceive to be the usual type of student digs.

Indeed, many of these private halls are offering gyms, cinemas and games rooms as well as Egyptian cotton sheets.

While they are more expensive than a shared student house, for instance, they are still growing in popularity with some luxurious studio flats costing around £13,000 a year.

Private residential halls for students available

Obviously, there are much cheaper private residential halls for students available which still offer a lot of quality as well as security and facilities.

The newspaper article in question visited one particular private development in Glasgow and found studios of a superior quality and a glass-walled sky Lounge. The luxury flats have already sold out.

Indeed, to help students moving to the new homes, the accommodation provider also offers lifestyle packs that contains everything a student wants from bedding and duvets to a reed diffuser and wine.

The newspaper reports on various popular developments where the small apartments have been snapped up and some apartments have a waiting list of the students wanting to live there.

Private student residential halls development

Another particular private student residential halls development also offers free breakfasts to help students focus on their studies and to eat properly.

One of the big attractions for private student halls is that the bills are all-inclusive so there are no unexpected surprises when a heating bill lands, for instance.

A spokesman for one development said students today are more demanding of their accommodation needs and are wanting to socialise and enjoy a nice lifestyle.

He added that another appealing aspect to private halls is that they will not have to wait weeks for a boiler to be repaired or a leaking tap to be fixed – there’s usually an on-site maintenance team to carry out repairs immediately.

So while there are expensive quality private student residential halls in the UK there’s also a fair selection of reasonably priced accommodation too with providers aiming to meet growing needs and demands.


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