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Should Student in Private Halls of Residence Get a Part Time Job?

Posted on April 3, 2017 by kristine in Private Halls

University is becoming much more expensive; it’s a sad reality that the majority of students will leave university with debt which raises the question of whether student in private halls of residence should get a job.

Course fees and equipment costs are non-negotiable while living expenses depend on the choices the student makes and private student halls of residence are a great value and are in locations which mean a travel budget won’t be high.

So, what about the price of actually enjoying your student life? Nights out, university trips, socialising and the odd takeaway can all add up to an amount beyond the means of most students.

University authorities will always discourage their students from getting a job as it is a clear distraction from their studies but sometimes working a few hours a week can be a vital cash boost.

Living in private student halls of residence

Here are our tips on finding student work while living in private student halls of residence:

  • 1. Try to get a job that is relevant to your studies, any type of work experience related to your future career is invaluable. It’s worth looking around for potential employers before you move into your room at your private halls of residence and start your course. Get your name known early.


  • 2. Manage your time. You chose to come to university rather than go straight into work for a reason. The course interests you and will hopefully lead to a job you love. University is also expensive. Don’t waste that money and those opportunities for the sake of extra shifts in a supermarket because you’re too polite to say no.


  • 3. Work during the holidays and save up enough to see you through a term of pure study and a little partying. If you must have a job during the semester, limit it to weekends. It will be a nightmare to juggle lectures and a commute to work.


  • 4. Don’t burn out. Your cosy room in your friendly private student halls is the perfect place for relaxation and just switching off from the world outside. There are no mouldy walls or mice infestations you’d rather leave your home to avoid.


Quality private halls of residence for students

However, though you might be living in quality private halls of residence for students doesn’t mean missing out on the good stuff.

Student life is overwhelming; the dazzling array of amazing, exciting opportunities thrown at you are hard to resist. From quirky clubs at the fresher’s fair to invitations to gigs, plays, poetry readings and late night takeaways in the kitchen of your private halls of residence with your housemates.

Remember you need the time to enjoy the things you are working hard to afford; this is almost as important as making the time to study hard and get a good degree but living in quality private student halls of residence will help with budgeting and relaxing and focusing on all-important studies.


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