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Standard facilities for private residential student halls impress

Posted on November 13, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice

One of the issues that are frequently discussed on student housing forums is ask those living in private residential halls about their facilities.

This is because while rents for private residential student halls vary around the UK, the standard level of accommodation is effectively the same.

This means that most students have ensuite rooms and Wi-Fi and various other mod cons.

There’s also no chance of arguing over whose turn it is to clean a shared bathroom and no falling-out either over who owes what for the electricity bill.

Whereas students in yesteryear would famously take on poor quality student accommodation because that was all that was available will find that students today are not prepared to live in such conditions.

Clean student accommodation that has an all-inclusive fee

The reason for this is that students are paying a lot for their university education and are looking for modern, clean student accommodation that has an all-inclusive fee.

In recent years, most universities in the UK have improved their student accommodation offering but they do not provide homes for all students to live in, particularly since university-provided accommodation is just for first-year students.

Property experts say that in the last 10 years, the number of students has doubled but the number of student halls of residence has failed to match that increase which means opportunities for developers to create purpose built student accommodation have grown.

Some of these private student residential halls are very large indeed, some have 1,000 rooms but it also means that they also have the benefit of scale with trained staff on site.

This means that students will not have to wait for repairs to be carried out since there will be maintenance workers readily available as well as receptionists and security guards.

Private halls for students consist of ensuite bedrooms

In most instances, private halls for students consist of ensuite bedrooms that have study areas and there will be a communal kitchen and living area for five or six fellow student tenants.

In addition, there will also be various communal areas for students to study with others and some residential halls for students also come with games rooms, cafeterias and shops.

Demand for private residential halls for students is growing and developers are also striving to meet demand. It also means that students and their parents looking for quality university accommodation need to act promptly before everything is snapped-up.

As this article started off saying, the rents for private halls vary around the UK but the facilities are similar between them all. Students who opt for university in some towns can find a private halls just two minutes from the campus costing just £100 a week.

Another student opting to live in private student halls in Bristol can also be two minutes from their campus but may be paying £170 a week. Obviously, rents in London vary enormously but there are still some reasonable rates for quality student accommodation available.


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