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Private Student Halls of Residence Costs – and other outgoings

Posted on October 30, 2017 by kristine in Accommodation for Students, Private Halls, Student Halls

In your three or four years at university, you’ll learn a million and one different pieces of information. From how much a taxi from your private student halls of residence costs into town on a Friday night to who Shakespeare was actually addressing in his romantic sonnets.

Here are a few of the most practical, life-enhancing and useful things you’ll know by the end of the first semester.

The bus is too much effort and the taxi is King

Student life is expensive, it’s true but life’s too short to carry your weekly shop home on the bus. Pre-drinks at your private student halls will inevitably lead to an Uber ride to the nearest club. Taxis just make life easier when exam stress begins to bite!

Thankfully most private student halls and accommodation is now situated in the centre of university towns so the amount you spend per taxi when shared with your mates should be the cost of bus fare or less.

Pasta goes with EVERYTHING

If you are lucky enough to live in luxury private halls you’ll have access to a spacious kitchen with top of the range appliances. That won’t stop you mainlining pasta with cheese, ham, chicken, tomato sauce, mayonnaise … the list is endless.

Pray for a flatmate who can cook and bribe them with wine to cook an extra portion for you to mooch. It’s the only nutrition you’re likely to get.

You’ll miss your student discount when it’s gone

Clothes, restaurants, bars, train travel and the Student Travel Agency are all fair game for 10% or 20% off the usual price. Free Macdonald’s? Go on then!

A bare hall room can be transformed into a style statement for £20

Private halls of residence rooms are usually tastefully decorated in neutrals but it’s important to most people that they individualise their home.

A snazzy cushion or two, an artfully draped throw and a string of fairy lights are just the starts. Get thee to the Pound shop or Home Bargains for treasure.

Your parents and siblings are all right really

Every family is different but most students will miss home in the first few weeks of university life. Your Mum is a magnificent cook and your Yorkshire puddings are rubbish, your sister knows just how to cheer you up on a glum day and Dad’s taxi lights have been switched off.

Home should be appreciated for the oasis of love and comfort it hopefully is. The best thing is … your Mum is actually missing doing your washing!

An open mind is a powerful tool

The people you will share private halls of residence, rented house, lecture hall and Student Union with can’t be hand-picked to suit your particular view of the world. That’s a wonderful thing and can only lead to personal growth and education; your course is not the only source of learning at university.


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