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Private Student Halls of Residence – what might be included

Posted on November 3, 2017 by kristine in Accommodation for Students, Private Halls, Student Halls

Student living doesn’t have to be the grim experience it is portrayed to be – for every private rental house with mushrooms growing out of the carpet, there are many more private student halls and self-contained flats that provide luxurious homes.

The choice of student accommodation is huge. Every budget and need is catered for and this has led to the luxury market booming in all University cities.

So, what can young people from home and abroad expect from high-end student accommodation?

Tastefully designed interiors, top quality appliances such as dishwashers and cookers and state of the art TV and sound systems. Everything the modern student may need will be provided.

Properties in prime locations. Private student halls of residences and flats are built close to campus buildings, shops, and transport links. No more living in a tower block that is ten miles from the Student Union.

Fully inclusive packages. The rent a student pays can if desired, be the only bill they pay. Utilities, internet, phone line and TV license will all be included. Managing your first budget can be difficult, especially in the beginning. Having just one amount to remember to pay is much less stressful.

Superfast broadband is provided. The Internet is a vital tool for students and the private student hall management appreciates that. Speed and reliability are provided to ensure communication with home, friends, and access to essay uploading links and research isn’t interrupted.

Beautifully decorated and spacious communal areas, laundries, kitchens, and bathrooms. Making friends and having fun is a huge part of student life. Living in private halls of residence will ensure getting ready for nights out, cooking for friends and snuggling down to watch a movie can all be done in style and comfort.

All student accommodation must meet guidelines on safety. Higher-end private student halls may provide extensive CCTV, security staff and state of the art entry procedures.

Freedom to invite guests. University managed halls of residence often have restrictions placed on guests and visitors. Luxury, private student halls are more friendly to respectful and well-behaved guests.

Leisure facilities such as gyms, bars, and swimming pools are sometimes included in high-end student accommodation. These would usually be for the exclusive use of the residents and are a fantastic benefit.

Support staff. Each property will have someone who is in charge of dealing with issues and problems that may arise. A maintenance team and cleaners will also make sure your building is maintained to the highest standards.

Finally, a big attraction for moving into private student halls of residence will bring a sense of community; someone who is feeling and experiencing the same things as you is never far away.

Most of the hall’s residents will be young people enjoying the first stages of independence. You are very likely to make good friends among your house, hall or flatmates.


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