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The Cost of Private Student Halls of Residence

Posted on December 15, 2017 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Accommodation, Student Halls

Going to university and living a student life is becoming increasingly expensive and there will be some young people wondering about the cost of their private student halls of residence.

Indeed, many young people are concerned about the financial impact their educational choices have on themselves and their parents – so much so that going to a local university and living at home is considered by most college leavers at some point.

While it is true that the home and commute option is usually the cheapest, it’s important to consider the student life you will be missing out on.

Live in private halls of residence

So why live in private halls of residence or university accommodation?

1.  Making friends will be so much easier. Everyone you meet is in the same place: missing home, clueless about cooking a meal on a budget and thrilled not to have to be on the way to independence.

Living with other students fosters a strong bond that could last a lifetime with the ones you like and will teach patience and tolerance with the ones you don’t.

You’ll never be lonely as there’s always someone in a room nearby to ask for advice, to go for a drink with or binge watch on a box-set.

2. Most, if not all private student halls of residence will have a cleaner. A person designated to clean and tidy up after you but who won’t guilt trip you about it.

3. Managing money is a tricky task, especially when you’re new to it. When you live in halls of residence your bills are included in your rent. Easy! Pay one bill and your housing costs are covered.

4. An appropriate standard of housing will be provided. A privately managed student hall of residence has strict guidelines for health and safety to adhere to.

5. Home will be a safe haven for free food, love, and family to retreat to. It sounds cheesy but you will appreciate it so much more when you spend time away. Simmering tensions with parents and siblings will magically disappear when you’re not there to annoy or be annoyed.

6. Students living in private halls have a network of nearby support staff to rely on should there be any problems. The transition from home to true independence is made easier by having friendly faces to help.

7. Moving out of home to go to university is a huge learning curve. However, those first steps to independence are inevitable and it’s so much more fun to face the challenges with other people feeling and experiencing the same things as you.

8. The choice of student accommodation is huge. If money is a deciding factor then be assured that there are plenty of private halls that are within reach of a tight budget. You might not get a gym or en-suite bathroom but your home will be clean, safe and will provide everything you really need.

And those are the reasons why private student halls of residence are worth considering – regardless of the cost which varies depending on the halls’ location and facilities.


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