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The ‘unstoppable rise’ of private residential halls for students

Posted on March 7, 2016 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Accommodation, Student Halls

One of the subjects we return to regularly on the website is when national newspapers take a closer look at the offering of private residential halls for students.

Again, the quality and breadth of private halls has been acknowledged by one broadsheet which says that students are no longer having to put up with grotty and cheap shared houses they do not enjoy and there is now an ‘unstoppable rise’ in student private halls.

The provision of private halls for students is becoming a big business in the UK and according to real estate firm Savills nearly £6 billion was spent creating new accommodation last year.

The article reveals that private developers are looking at prime sites in city centres and creating private halls for students that look similar to upmarket residential flats other than having the firm’s branding of offering a luxury student experience on the outside.

The newspaper takes a close look at the provision of student accommodation in Coventry and found that with 4,000 more students looking to study there, the University is enthusiastic about the growing provision of quality private student halls.

Demand for private halls was led by overseas students

Initially, the article reveals, the demand for private halls was led by overseas students who wanted hotel-type rooms complete with ensuite bathrooms and flatscreen TVs which is now what UK students are looking for too.

The self-contained studio apartments are very popular and there are more private student halls developments being planned. Indeed, one of them is a 20-storey building with nearly 600 rooms and which will become Coventry’s tallest building.

It also has not gone unnoticed that the boom in private student halls also leads to an improvement in other private accommodation and an increase in nightlife where there may have been very little before.

Big increase in private student flats

The article also highlights that Glasgow’s West End has seen a big increase in private student flats but it’s also led to a growing number of gourmet burger restaurants, pubs, cocktail bars and art boutiques as well.

Along with providing high spec accommodation, cafeterias and gyms has led to the private developers of student halls pushing their market share from 18% in 2006 to 41% last year.

Essentially, private residential halls for students provide a modern and comfortable living environment for students to enjoy their years at university while being close to the city centre and campus so they can enjoy student life and develop lifelong friendships.


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