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Tips on Finding Last Minute Private Student Halls

Posted on August 14, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice

This is the time of year when there’s a last minute dash to find student accommodation and here at we can offer some advice.

There are many reasons why a student may be desperately looking for somewhere to live, either they have left their search too late or they’ve suffered a last-minute glitch in where they are currently living.

In addition, there are lots of new students starting university who have not got into their first choice and have gone through clearing to arrive at a different university.
This means they have not had the opportunity of finding quality student accommodation and are hurrying to find something they like.

The first port of call for the student is to contact the university concerned because many first year students will have accommodation provided for their first year.

Not all universities can provide accommodation

However, with growing student numbers not all universities can provide accommodation but they will help you find somewhere to live.

Other options include having to share a flat or a house, which is one of the most common student housing situations, and one that’s probably the cheapest.

This is also quite popular with first years and there will be notice boards within the university and student union advertising these properties. There are also online student communities to offering accommodation.

The next option is to become a lodger with someone which is also a cheap route and usually offers decent living standards.

Whichever route a student decides to take, there should be no reason for compromise or settling for second best – if you do not like the student property or it is too expensive, then do not sign for it.

Finding last-minute student accommodation

Another alternative for finding last-minute student accommodation is to look at private halls of residence.

These are becoming increasingly popular around the UK and offer a better quality of accommodation with lots of mod-cons.

Most of these private student halls have been purpose-built in recent years and come with a range of attractive extras; some will have a gym, others have cinemas and all have a meeting area where students can meet up and socialise.

Here at there’s a range of excellent student halls of residence which offer excellent accommodation in a safe and secure environment and though they are a tad dearer than other types of accommodation, they are hard to beat and are comfortable places to live in.

As with all types of student accommodation at this time of year there is a great demand on private halls and students wanting to live in them, there are also opportunities to share a flat with a friend, should contact the providers of private halls of residence as soon as possible.

All university towns and cities will have a variety of suppliers with a range of different rents on offer but the end result is that a quality private student halls will become an excellent home for studies.


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