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What to Look for in Private Residential Student Halls?

Posted on December 25, 2017 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Accommodation, Student Halls

There are lots of reasons why private residential student halls are growing in popularity with first year students and those looking for quality accommodation.

It may be that the student has missed out on halls of residence that managed by the University and so private polls make perfect sense.

In addition, after the first year of studies, the student will need to find suitable accommodation and private halls for students come highly recommended.

There are a number of ways why how students can find private halls and it’s not just by an online search and visiting sites such as private

Also, their university housing team will also provide information and advice about private residential halls for students.

Partnerships with private residential hall providers

Indeed, the University and the Students’ Union will have an approved list of student accommodation providers and some universities also have partnerships with private residential hall providers.

There are a number of pros and cons would the main one is that they are generally located close to the town or city centre and also close to the University campus for lectures.

Among the pros for anybody interested in private student residential halls include the fact they have, most often, this purpose-built for student accommodation and offer mod cons in a well-designed environment.

Another big attraction is that the bills are included so there’s no more worrying about paying gas and electricity and also the broadband is incorporated too.

There is a wide range of choice now of private whole providers so students can opt to live in a small apartment with ensuite bathroom by themselves or share a cluster arrangement where common areas including the kitchen shared with others.

Private residential halls have other facilities including laundry and cleaning

All of these private residential halls have other facilities including laundry and cleaning and some even offer a free breakfast to get this day started.

There are obviously some downfalls and one of them is the price; while they offer good value for money they may not be as cheap as some private student accommodation.

They are also a great way to meet new people and many private halls offer social events so residents can mingle easily and also have social nights out.

Finally, one of the big attractions for choosing to live in private residential student halls is the fact they offer a secure and safe environment for those living there, a manned reception desk and a maintenance team to ensure that any repairs are carried out quickly and effectively.


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