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What’s available in private halls of residence for students?

Posted on February 8, 2016 by Ceri in Accommodation for Students, Private Halls

One of the issues we regularly feature on is what is available in private halls of residence for students?

The offering from private halls of residence providers is varied but it’s generally in modern purpose-built accommodation blocks featuring mod cons. They are also in good locations for university lectures and entertainments.

Many potential students and their parents may be pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable student accommodation has become and for those who use private halls they are nothing like the traditional image of grotty student homes.

To help put this into perspective, one advert for a private halls of residence in West London has caught our eye.

Most private halls for students are located close to the university campus but in London it is also important to be close to public transport links too.

Private halls for students

In this particular venue, the firm running the private halls for students highlights how close it is to several tube stations for easy travelling around the capital. There are also lots of restaurants, bars and cafes nearby.

However, when the private halls providers detail what’s on offer in their contemporary and spacious accommodation then they impress – they list a cinema room, 24-hour gym as well as a lounge and games area.

There’s also a quiet study room, a reading nook, an outdoor courtyard, on-site management, housekeeping and maintenance teams as well as 24-hour security.

For many parents worried about the well-being of their offspring, security is a crucial question.

There is also 100MB of Wi-Fi available and there’s even a grand piano for students to play on.

Private halls of residence for students

However, one aspect we haven’t really featured here on is that many private halls of residence for students also host fun events around the year so that students can forge friendships.

These will include large-scale parties, away-days and pizza nights.

The facilities are just part of why private halls of residence for students are becoming increasingly popular and the rent is all-inclusive of bills and the excellent facilities.

The particular private halls in West London we detail above offer standard studios which have ensuite bathroom, a kitchenette, desk and chair and a double bed. There’s also underfloor heating.

So if you are asking what is available in private halls of residence for students, the simple answer is an incredible amount for the rent being asked and the experience will undoubtedly provide memories to last a lifetime.


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