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When to start looking for private residential halls for students

Posted on April 18, 2016 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Halls

The growing popularity of private residential halls for students means some first-year students are looking before attending university but when should people begin their search for private student accommodation?

Essentially, students can begin their search for private accommodation for their second year of studies at any time they fancy during their first year.

Most students, however, begin their search for a student home in January.

For students already at University and in their first year of studies, they generally begin their search for accommodation in May and June though if they are awaiting exam results, this search may be delayed until August.

Those students who are going through clearing can begin their search as soon as their place has been confirmed with either the option of signing up for university provided residential halls or with a private provider.

Potential of living in private residential halls

Some students are attracted by the potential of living in private residential halls and remaining there for the duration of their studies and first-year students who opt to live in university provided halls have to leave after their first year. For some people this will cause disruption they would rather not deal with.

In addition, private residential halls for students are generally much better quality than other private student accommodation since they tend to be a purpose-built developments or conversions and offer an all-inclusive rent.

As with all student property searches there will be demand for private halls which means the students should visit several to decide which one appeals the most. They can even live with friends, live by themselves or share a studio apartment.

One of the big attractions for private residential halls is that the student will get to live in quality accommodation and also share areas with their fellow tenants and meet with friends. Some private halls also come with boutique cinemas, tenpin bowling alleys, shops and cafes.

A lot to recommend private residential halls for students

There is a lot to recommend private residential halls for students and they deserve to be considered, even for those students looking to attend university for the first time.

While university provided halls tend to be slightly cheaper there’s a growing issue that some students and their parents or guardians may not be aware of and that’s the fact some universities are struggling to provide enough beds for their first year students and are looking for private providers.

This means that it may make sense to move into private accommodation from the very beginning and for those who opt for private residential halls for students then the added incentive is to find somewhere that is comfortable, well located and with excellent facilities and remain in that property for the duration of the student’s university studies.


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