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Why choose private residential halls for students?

Posted on May 23, 2016 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Halls

With so much student property available from landlords around the UK, why are private residential halls for students growing in popularity?

For one thing, they are increasingly popular as an alternative to university provided halls of residence and there also more of them around.

In many ways, with first-year students having the option of living in university halls means they become accustomed to the convenience and effectiveness of halls compared to living in a shared house, for instance.

This means that private residential halls for students are set up along the same lines, often by a property developer, and are not only close to a university campus but also offer more facilities and modcons.

Growing demand for quality student accommodation

Indeed, with the growing numbers of young people attending university means that there’s been a growing demand for quality student accommodation to match it.

The increasing numbers of first-year students, for instance, means that some universities struggle to provide beds in their halls which means they have to provide alternative accommodation, some are put up in hotels until landlord provided accommodation is found.

However, private halls for students are generally the top end of the student accommodation quality spectrum and often have ensuite bathrooms for many rooms while others will be sharing facilities with a small group of other renters.

It’s this better level of quality which attracts students, as well as their parents, since they may be looking for privacy and more comfort. There’s certainly more than they would get in a shared student house, for instance.

Private halls of residence for students

Private halls of residence for students are also increasingly popular with international students who get to enjoy the quality surroundings and establish a base for mixing with other students from overseas and enjoying the university’s facilities.

So, as well is having shared flats, private halls for students also have a studio flats which are self-contained and come with a double bed, large flatscreen TV, a kitchenette as well as an ensuite bathroom. These are growing in popularity for those who enjoy having their own facilities and their own private space.

Another reason for their growing popularity of private student halls is that they are often located close to the university campus and in city centres which means they are a great location for attending lectures and enjoying an active social life.

Live in private residential halls for students

Other reasons for opting to live in private residential halls for students is that they tend to have better security with a member of staff available on site around the clock who can help with issues and deal with maintenance problems.

Finally, these private halls are also popular with first-year students for a number of reasons, mainly as mentioned previously, but also because they can live in the same accommodation for the duration of their studies without having to move out which means then laboriously searching for suitable student accommodation.


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