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Why live in private residential halls for students?

Posted on May 16, 2016 by kristine in Private Halls

Over the coming weeks and months there will be a growing number of articles aimed at those heading off to university and why they should choose to live in private residential halls for students.

While many first-year students will be given a room in University residential halls, not all universities can supply enough beds so some will have to live in other accommodation.

Also, University halls of residence are only available for first-year students which means they will have to move out for their second and third years of studies.

There are advantages for living in University halls since they provide a great way to make friends and are usually well placed for short journeys to lectures on the university campus and they are also close by for social events.

And, for those who are leaving home for the first time, University residential halls can help prepare someone for moving into the private rented sector and full independent living.

Move into private student halls

However, there’s also a fast-growing popular second option for first years which is to move into private student halls which are usually purpose-built living complexes for students.

They are very similar to how University residential halls are managed and are owned by a private firm.

While they tend to cost a little bit more, private residential halls for students tend to offer more facilities and are also located close to campus and a social scene.

Private halls also have all-inclusive rents which means all the bills are included as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

Some also provide a variety of activities for their residents and many have gyms, cinemas, reading rooms, cafes and breakout areas for meeting friends and studying.

Most University accommodation offices will have an approved list of landlords and providers of private student halls.

Moving into university and private halls of residence

There are pros and cons for moving into university and private halls of residence and they include:

  • The halls have been built specifically for students
  • They will have lots of mod cons including fast broadband connection
  • Most private halls for students are located close the University or student action
  • Any repairs that need to be carried out will be done very quickly
  • There is a social scene already in place on site
  • Students will not be lonely in private halls with activities and communal areas.

The downsides include the slightly dearer renting costs and it’s advisable that students appreciate just how much they will need to spend since a studio apartment which will have ensuite facilities and a kitchenette will be dearer than those that share kitchens and communal areas on the same floor.


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