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Why private halls for students are often the best option

Posted on October 12, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice

One of the issues that we regularly return to on Private Halls is the lack of quality student accommodation for those starting their university careers in many towns and cities.

Already we have heard about several towns where students have been forced to live in hotels while their university finds suitable student accommodation that is affordable.

One of the universities struggling is Reading where dozens of their new students have begun their studies having to spend their first two weeks in a hotel.

The university did not have enough rooms for students in the halls of residence it owns.

There have also been reports of a shortage of beds for students at the University of Winchester, particularly for students who have applied late.

Again, around 80 students there spent the first few weeks living in hotels while others were placed in former council properties.

Impact on the student’s housing budget

This lack of suitable student accommodation has also led to rising rents which has had an impact on the student’s housing budget.

There’s no doubt that this poor start to a student’s learning experience in higher education will be upsetting.

That’s why at Private Halls we stress on a regular basis that private residential halls for students are not only of a high quality but offer a marvellous experience in modern surroundings.

In addition, the rent is inclusive of bills so there are no budgeting surprises for students and there’s a lot of amenities on offer too.

Student private halls are generally in modern purpose-built blocks

Student private halls are generally in modern purpose-built blocks that come with manned reception desks and security.

That obviously brings peace of mind to parents and students alike and the rents being charged are often on a par, or slightly more, than a student would normally pay.

There are also other important reasons for opting to live in student private halls and the first one is that there’s a growing number of beds available in these properties around the UK as property developers increasingly supply quality accommodation to a growing market.

In addition, a student can choose to live in the same property for the duration of their university studies, unlike university provided residential halls where a student has to find their own lodgings after their first year of studies.

By using a private halls of residence, a student can find quality accommodation that is close to their campus and have fellow students to share their experiences with.

Private halls for students also come with cafeterias and games rooms

Many private halls for students also come with cafeterias, games rooms and study areas so the tenants can interact with others as often as they wish to.

For parents and students who are worried about their university being able to provide student accommodation for their first year of studies, private halls for students are worth checking as soon as possible and we would urge a visit to be made to be reassured that the accommodation is of the high quality that is being promised.


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