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Looking for private student halls should not be stressful

Posted on January 18, 2016 by Ceri in Private Halls, Student Accommodation

Finding student accommodation in many towns and cities can be stressful at the best of times but that should not be the case for those looking for private student halls.

Particularly in places like London where there’s strong demand for rented property, private student residential halls are growing in number.

Essentially, students, whether they are from the UK from overseas, who are looking for accommodation should ask themselves a number of questions before starting their search.

The most important of these is what type of student accommodation do they want?

First years will be happy with university-provided residential halls though not every university is capable of offering this.

Live in private rented accommodation

In addition, first years as well as second and third year students may also want to live in private rented accommodation – generally the most popular type of student housing.

However, for a growing number of students there is a demand for quality properties with mod cons and facilities.

This demand is being met increasingly by developers who are creating impressive private student halls of residence that create a real home-from-home.

These properties offer either solo studio flats which have ensuite accommodation as well as a small kitchen and a double bed, fast broadband connection and an area to work in.

Other private student halls provide larger cluster flats where common areas are shared with fellow tenants.

Growing demand for private student halls

There’s also a growing demand for private student halls to have rooms that are big enough for two people to live in for their studies.

On top of this, private student residential halls also offer a wide range of the facilities that private rented accommodation cannot match and this will include TV and games rooms, cafeterias and study areas.

The other big attraction for those who decide to live in private halls for students is that they are generally in city centres or very close to the University campus.

In addition, these halls are often very modern or recently converted to be exceptional places to live in.

Essentially, private student halls offer the best of both world’s; students can live by themselves and mingle with other tenants in communal areas or they can live in a room and meet with their fellow tenants on a regular basis.

What type of student accommodation they really want

Some people when they ask themselves what type of student accommodation they really want, may make their final decision based on cost.

In most cases, particularly in London, private student halls will at first sight appear to be more expensive than private student properties for rent.

However, it should also be borne in mind that the rents for private halls will include the bills so a student can budget more easily for the duration of their studies.

With so many excellent properties available, finding quality private student halls of residence is no longer an issue and with a growing number of developers and accommodation providers entering the market, this looks set to continue.


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